Our Services


We assist students, graduates and workers to attend conferences in Europe.e.g. Germany, Netherlands etc. with assistance in getting invitations, accommodation and visa processing.

Elaborate knowledge regarding the various Ukrainian higher educational institutions. Among the 700 currently operating higher institutions in Ukraine, Each of them has an individual profile, accreditation, location and other specific features which can have a direct impact on your education. Making the right choice can be very challenging and daunting. We are part of the system here and we actively communicate with both students and teaching staff of the various schools so we are able to provide expert advice and guidance at all levels of the academic ladder.
• We know which university teaches a particular course best.
• We know the cities you will feel most comfortable in as a foreign student.
• We know which location gives you the best value for your time and money.
• Rely on us to get admitted into the best universities here in Ukraine for your studies.
• Processing of educational documents necessary for entering a selected university under a chosen field of specialization
• Assistance in processing the visa support letter and admission letters coming from the desired Ukraine University.
• Legalizations and translation of documents, documentation and securing of student visa.
• Help in acquiring life and health insurance upon arrival in Ukraine.
• Welcoming the foreign students by the time they arrive at the international airport and assisting them to their selected university and their temporary residence.
• Assist in securing and maintaining accommodation for students before and upon arrival.
• Support in registering and documenting the student under the desired academic institution.
• Help in opening a bank account, getting of debit card, hostel card and processing of other related documents.
• Assistance in handling academic matters during the entire education period, help in consulting with instructors, other students and university heads.
• Regular communication with parents about the education progress and current behaviours of their children
• Help regarding the students Guardianship during their academic stay in Ukraine.
• Services for the benefits of tourists, visitors and footballers.


Quality Education
Globally Recognized Courses (Europe, UK, USA, Asia, Africa)
Medical degree recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB(UK), USMLE(USA), throughout EU and Various International Organization
No Entry Test
No IELTS or TOEFL required
Tuition fee paid on arrival
Cost effective ($1700 PER YEAR)
European Life Standard
Worldwide Acceptance of Ukrainian Method of Teaching
English Medium of Instruction
Better Job Prospects
Emphasis on Practical Aspects in Teaching
Moderate Climate around the year
Outstanding International Faculty
One of the Best Transportation systems in Europe
International Students enjoy approximately 30%~ 50% discounts on travel
Enrichment of Experience through Visiting Professors from USA, CANADA, UK, etc.
Participation of Students in Seminars/Symposia/Project Work, etc. in other European cities
Bilateral Student Exchange Program with Universities in Germany, Sweden , Finland , Check Republic , etc.
Three Months’ Summer Jobs during vacation in countries i.e. U.K. , SWEDEN and other E.U. countries
Chances of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe after completion of study program
100% VISA assured to deserving candidates